Picture Me

You all know my obsession with getting into cardboard boxes. I think it’s time to share my passion with the world at large.

Join me at my Flickr group, People in a Box, where we celebrate people of all ages, shapes, sizes and species (because some of us think our pets are people too) getting inside a really big box.

I also added some random pictures I took around my house on my Flickr album as well, so go check that out too.  Okeedokey?

And here’s an interesting view of Downtown LA the other day.  Please excuse my giant finger…


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  1. Olaina   •  

    Oaks, I certainly hope this giant finger is obstructing the view of a camera phone, not a real camera. Geesh. 😉

    I have pictures of puppies in a box! I’m going to take more! We are going to overtake the world with box sitting!

    (I’m small too, you know.)

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