Girl Time

I know I do rant about how boys make cool friends once in a while, but when it comes down to what a girl needs, a small girl’s night out is always the best therapy.

I’m happily suffering a bit of a discomfort from stuffing my face with sushi, washed down with a bit of sake, and topping off with a mini cup of strawberry cheesecake frozen yogurt. An evening out eating and chatting with your girl friends, although may not help with possible indigestion, totally enhances the warm and fuzzy food coma.

Aurora, Lupe and I were the remainder of the monthly dinner gang this night. We hit our usual sushi joint, Mama’s Sushi in Cerritos. You know, that joint with the Thai chefs? That’s it! So I went up to the bar to say hello to the boys. Tong, the one we chat up last time, did a double take and he said, “Whoa! Where have YOU been!? And where’s your friend?”

I pointed to Aurora and Lupe at the booth. Aurora waved. Then Tong said, “Oh, good god. Looks like someone’s getting drunk tonight.”

“Nah. Just me probably. Aurora can’t drink.”

“Why not?”

“She’s pregnant.”

“Ohhh!” Tong looked over my head at Aurora, holding his hands over his stomach and made a “really?” face at her. She nodded. He gave her thumbs up.

“Good job!”

“That’s what my husband keeps telling me,” Aurora shot back.

The rolls we had today were mainly cooked ones because Aurora is not supposed to eat raw fish. Crunch Roll is always good here. Then we had BSC which is California Roll topped with baked mini scallops and a plate of baked mussels. Lupe and I ordered a few pieces of sushi for ourselves and polished off the large sake together. We later on sent the boys a bottle of Asahi which was after that fact that we already ate but nonetheless much appreciated. Greasing the chefs for better food and some more comp stuff next time, we were. Heehee.

After a long day/week I had at work, sushi, sake and girl time may just be exactly what the doctor’s order! (No offense to my ever so loving husband though. But tonight is all about my girls!)

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