Back in the game

USC Trojans football team.  How I love thee!

Oh, yeah, baby.  I am soooooo back with the football season after having missed the opener two weeks ago.  There was no college football on Thailand’s cable, by the way.  Just, oh, I don’t know, 3 channels of soccer and one that seems to be alternating between ML baseball and rugby.  I think once NFL starts up, you get a few games in there too.

Anyway.  I got a big ol’ welcome back to the realm of the Trojans by spending the entire evening in front of James and Aurora’s gigantic screen TV and pizza…which after the Gaffey Street Diner’s egg florentine this morning, I wasn’t sure I would be able to have any more food.  But man, Me & Edd’s pizza…they’re something else.

Oh, and Aurora and I had a 2-hour pre-game Karaoke Revolution bash.  They bought the American Idol version and it was sooo much better than the original!  I brought over my microphone and ‘Rora and I just went to town.  We had so much fun that during half time, we fired up the PS2 for a quick 5-round of short singoffs.

The game?  The Trojans dominated and spanked Nebraska up and down the field.  It was like 49-17 when we switched off to watch Torchwood on BBC America at 9 p.m., about 4 minutes left on the last quarter.

Oh hey, we didn’t lose when I watch the game out of my house!  It seems my good luck charm of staying home and watching the game has been broken.  Hallelujah to that, brothers and sisters of Cardinal and Gold!

Now, back to the game.  We did really well and I am very proud of that.  Sure, Maualuga needs to chill out and cool off his crazy head, but that boy is just phenomenal.  That Stefan Johnson kid? Holy hell did I have a vision of what Reggie Bush might have been when he started out.  It didn’t surprise me that the final score is actually 49-31.  After all, we put our newbie team led by QB Matt Sanchez down by that point.  Like Pete Carroll always said, hey, we won, right?  Who cares how close the game was.

And happy birthday to you, Uncle Pete.  Your boys gave you quite a nice present today, didn’t they?  🙂

Now, back to the James & Aurora’s big screen television for a minute.  Mind you, the thing with its stand is about my height, widescreen that is longer than me, hooked up to surround sound and is HD compatible.  This was the first time ever for me to watch the Trojans on big screen this size and so personal!

James promises to invite me back over to watch the game once they subscribe to HD channels.  Actually, he did say I can come over to watch the game there every Saturday.  But I think I’d leave the expecting parents to their deserved weekend rest more than a screaming college football fanatic.

Hey, speaking of expecting parents, do you realize that I have 3 sets of expecting parents all due in March 2008?

James and Aurora currently call their first (and long awaited) baby Jalapeno, an adjustment according to the size of the baby.  Last week it was Peanut.   Nan and Mike announced that their son Owen is going to have a sibling.  And finally, Rude Cactus and Beth Fish, parents of the adorable Mia Bean, thus far have called theirs Wally.  On Monday we’ll get to find out the sex.

I mean, a few weeks ago, we were floating my mom’s ashes off in to the ocean.  And a few of my friends lost their parents within months before I did.  Now, looking around me, my friends are having babies.

Circle of life, indeed.

P.S.  Want more football talk?  Go visit with Amy the Gridiron Goddess.  Seriously, she KNOWS her football, probably more than some of the guys I know! 


  1. Olaina   •  

    Trojan talk: blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

    This one little tiny point is where Oaks and I separate: I am a die-hard public school educated graduate of UCSB with the default love of all things UC–including UCLA football and basketball.

    And three new borrow babies in March? Holy shit! Replacement people!

    Thank God they’re not ours. Borrow babies indeed rule, says the girl who is going to sleep at 9 a.m. after a grueling weekend of art and hostessing… I think I have sympathy feet pain to go with Justin and also little Stan who has a broken bone in his little paw…

    And yes, while I do love them, I haven’t actually been following any sports this season… what with no cable and all… plus all the art and the photos and the hostessing… but yay Chargers and Padres!

  2. Amy   •  

    Oakley my friend? Its MARK Sanchez.


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