There ye be, Capt’n Bubbles!


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Yarrrr. Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day to yer from Captain Bubbles and Speedy Lopez!

What’s on my shirt? That be skulls and cross bones. Yarrrr!  More here.

And yes, I dressed like a pirate to the monthly meeting with our investors today. This, minus the bandana, that is.  Corporate Pirate, anyone?  Actually, it was quite well received as a picker-upper opener for the meeting on a gloomy day.

So, up at 5 a.m. to get to the office and prep the meeting.  (I’m the full-time A/V girl now, don’t cha know.)  After that, I brought out the cupcakes and the voluntary potluck commenced.  CFO brought in some homemade butter rum cake.  And shiver me timbers, let me just say that my little rum-“flavored” chocolate frosting had the alcohol content of a mormon compared to the Lindsay Lohan that was the butter rum cake.  Then there was olive and cheese spread and fresh bread and fruits from the farmer’s market to round out the feast.  Ahh…the feast that went on…all…day…long!

But since I was there early, I got to leave early.  By 3:30, Shane and I was at Dempsey’s having some grog.  Then the massage therapist at his gym was giving away free 5-minute chair massage.  I was the first in line for that too!

After all the excitement and decompression, Brandon and I ran some errands, had spaghetti, and watched last night’s Eureka.

Life is good for Captain Bubbles.  Even for one day a year.  🙂

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    hehehe hello captain bubbles!

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