Thunder! Lightning!

It feels like Bangkok…except for the 66F temperature. Heh.

An Alaskan storm finally moved into LA area after playing hard to get for the past day and a half. It’s pouring here in Los Alamitos and 2 sets of thunders set off a few car alarms.

Brandon and I are totally loving it!

The rain is TOTALLY welcomed in the parched California. I mean, sure, some assholes are going to bitch about the traffic. But seriously, I’d rather be in this for days than being in the worst drought in history.

Wait a second…does that mean the Trojans will play the Cougars in the rain tomorrow night?

Oh, please gods! Let’s not give the Washingtonians the edge of having THEIR kind of weather!!!

ETA: It’s 4:40 a.m. I have been up for the past 2 hours throwing up and sitting out a stomach pain.  I haven’t spent this much time on YouTube, TMZ, Perez Hilton or the Superficial in my life!  So much for going to dim sum tomorrow with James and Aurora.  *sigh*

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