Shave that Booty

Dear John David,

[with ETA here…last night when I started the entry, I was on the way out to see a movie and I had 3 shots of limoncello so I couldn’t really write.]

You can NOT be a USC quarterback and try to grow a beard.

Haven’t you learn from when Carson and Matt tried back in the days?  Every time those boys attempt to grow beard, their games suffered.

Uncharacteristic suckage came with that beard, my friend.

27-24 against the Huskies isn’t a victory.  Luck is on our side. I mean, did someone slipped out of the stadium and slaughter a chicken to please Jobu so we could recover that fumble or allow that end zone interception?

I mean, JD, buddy, you did great when you were on a roll.  We had some great momentum there.  And then…whoosh…the beard took it all away.

The beard is a curse, Booty. Please listen to us. Shave. And you and the Trojans shall be victorious.

Fight the fuck on,


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