Ninja Grief

If my computer runs the DVD/CD burner program once, not only it wouldn’t open again after I close it, but somehow it causes Photoshop to not launch.

So, here I went, rebooting.  While waiting for it, I glanced at the few pictures of my mom on my wall.

I went into Nhien’s office and cried.  Just a little bit.

But I mean, I was just rebooting the computer, for god’s sake!  I mean, what the heck?

Grief is fucking sneaky.

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  1. Pond   •  

    This kind of things happens..from time to time.

    To look into the positive side of it, it reminds you that: 1) you miss your mom (apparently and this is a good thing) 2) you are alive–you cried, so here you go.

    It will get better over time. I hope.

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