I survived the three days from hell.

You know that monthly big meeting I have? Usually, it’s 3-woman team running the show.  Last month, we lost Eva so it was a 2-woman team.  This time, Celeste is off in Amsterdam/Germany, so guess who ran the show…on top of everything that needs to be done for the gala 2 weeks away?


I did it. With the help of my colleagues at work.  Everyone pitched in.  Everyone handed in his/her stuff as requested.  People were doubling up duties left and right and at some point I just held the helm and enjoyed the ride.

Oh, and I ran back to throw an office birthday party after that (thanks to another colleague who picked up the cookie-cake for me).  Then, after all the early start, I stopped for a meeting at the brand new hotel down the street to get another donation for my silent auction.

So, what did this girl do to celebrate her achievement?

I got a pedicure.  And would’ve gone for a chair massage too but the day spa I used to go to doesn’t have that any more.  Then I made Penne with beef and arugula pasta salad with parmesan biscuits (cheated with Pillsbury dough plus fresh parm-reg grated on top) and settled in for a few hours of Top Gear and Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservation in San Paolo.  Topped it all off with 3 shots of Limoncello and wanting more.

Pallini Limoncello.  It’s worth every penny.

And tomorrow, back to the long day schedule.

Did I mention that I am starting to go to work 1-1.5 hour earlier everyday until the event is over?

Oh yes, babies.  Bring on more Limoncello!

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  1. Korbua   •  

    congrats na ka. seems like u had three big days! 🙂 it’s gud that u gave urself little gifts. 🙂 i had a pedicure too today!… boy it just felt so nice! anyway sorry i haven’t been reading ur blog for a while. extremely busy and all. *hugs*

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