It’s NOVEMBER!!!!!

The Big Gala is now 5 days away!!!!

My birthday is in 2 weeks!!!!

And Thanksgiving a week after that!!?!?!?!?!


Before I really panic, let me tell you about MY Christmas yesterday. Something to distract me from the stress of the Big Gala.

Brandon’s office, despite what is going on with their boss, still had some Halloween spirit.


Mine did too but it didn’t manifest as a costume party. I may be the only person dressed up full on in the office with a few who don the orange and black and putting on the “ears” I brought, but every inch of our our break room table was filled with snacky food. We have my Absolutely Weevil cookies, Celeste’s banana nut bread, Nhien’s spinach dip, Pat O’s old school recipe pumpkin dip, the CFO’s giant platter of mini egg salad sandwiches, and a whole lot more.



I even got invited over to watch the costume contest at Janetta’s office on the lower floor of our building. Those kids know how to have a good time, I tell ya! I showed up, and some folks was like, hey we got one more for the competition. Oh no, I’m so sorry, I said. I don’t even work here. LOL. They were so nice and let me stay. Their company actually is one of our investors. The Owner told me I’m welcomed to come down to their office party any day. LOL.

1031071521.jpg 1031071522.jpg

Surely you have seen Padawan OakMonster and Nerd Herder Brandon. Sure, Brandon’s costume was still a bit obscure as only 4 people called him out as a character from “Chuck” that he was.

Nerd Herd


Most people told him that he was missing a helmet, a bike and a bible. Yes, people were mistaking Brandon’s Geek Squad imitation for a Mormon Elder.


My fantastic home made Jedi gitup got a raving review by everyone. But I was totally stumped when a guy from our Long Beach office called out:”Nice costume, Oakley. Are you Peter Pan?”

Now, even our friend Paul who, possibly the only one in America, hasn’t seen any of the Star Wars film, knew at least that I was a Star Wars character. Clearly, the LB Guy has been living under a VERY big rock for 30 years.But seriously though. I’m not even green, dude!

Talk about Peter Pan, that was the theme for our friend Jim and Karen and their 2 young kids.Their 3-year-old son was Captain Hook. Their 2-year-old daughter was Tinkerbell (okay…she just had wings on and she was just adorable!). Mom was Tiger Lily and Dad was Peter Pan. Soooooo frickin’ cute!

ETA: Pictures!


We joined the Peter Pan Clan and James and Aurora at Paul and Lupe’s house. Shane, Tamara and their kids showed up later. My original Trick-or-Wine plan turned into a one-stop shop as everyone was congregating at Paul’s.

ETA: Pictures.


All in all, it was a fantastic Halloween.


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