the Herd is calling

Since Halloween, I have been getting some hits on my site about how to make a Nerd Herd ID.

Well, kids.  Here’s how I did it.

First, I bought the Badge Holder pocket protector online.  Many sites have them but I got mine from this one.

Second, I copied the “Buy More” logo from the Buy More store site and apply that to one of the shipping label template in word document.  Adjust the size to about 3-3/4″ wide and 1″ high.  It won’t be crisp but you don’t need it to be really.  Pens will obscure most of that.  If you’re really handy and have more time, you can probably recreate the Buy More logo here as well for better quality graphic.  Cut out the logo and stick that on the top part of the pocket protector.

Third, I used Photoshop to recreate the Nerd Herd logo.  On the Nerd Herd website, it’s black font on white back ground.  On the ID, it’s black on red.   I just picked out the running man icon from the site and recreate the text part.  Now, make that logo fit the size of the ID.  Don’t put it up too high on the badge though, the pens will cover too much of that.

Once that was done, just add the person’s picture, name and bar code.  I printed that on regular paper and folded it to fit so it gives you a bit more of the thickness of ID.  Hey, I’m lazy, so sue me.

Add some pens into the pocket and you’re all set!  🙂

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