You are trapped in your house on your day off because you have no pants.

That’s right, kids.  Welcome to my Vacation Day 6.

Yesterday, I went out and about and got me a mocha.  As I was getting out of the car at James & Aurora’s house, with just a little more left of tall hazelnut mocha slipped from my hand and “exploded” all over the car.  I had chocolate/coffee on my jeans, my car seats, my emergency brakes, and, inevitably, on the innocent bystander in the passenger seat, my new-ish Nike white sweatshirt.

I KNEW the whiteness isn’t going to last the moment I bought that stupid mocha!

So I ran into James’ house, drenched in chocolate/coffee/water (tried to wash some off in the car).  Thank gods they just started a load of laundry so I tossed my jeans and sweatshirt in with their stuff.  Aurora loaned me her soccer shorts.

And we played a good 3 hours of Rock Band while waiting for my pants to dry.  Oh my god, I had sooooooooo much fun!  James had me try the drum set which I sort of kind of get, but not very efficient.  I switched over to the guitar which I did a lot better on.  And finally to singing which I rocked our socks off even on the song I didn’t know.  LOL.  I LOVE that game!  I am now on stand by for any impromptu “band practice” that might come up at James’.

Then we discovered that the stain didn’t want to come out of my white sweatshirt so we soaked that some more with Shout while the jeans went back for another round of tumbling in the dryer.  By the time I had to leave, my jeans were still wet so I schlepped home in Aurora’s shorts with 2 damp garments in my back seat.

When I got home to further inspect my clothes, to my surprise, my jeans still have light stains on them!!  WTF!?!

I sprayed bleach on the white sweatshirt and took them down to laundry, then I dropped Oxyclean on the jeans, getting them ready for the second load.

As luck would have it, a few minutes before the first load is finished, we had a power outage.  For a good hour.  We did bring up the finished load and hung them to dry around the apartment.  LOL.  It was kind of sad.   By the time the power came back, if I was to continue with laundry, I’d be up till midnight.

So, this morning I finally plopped the jeans into the washing machine along with another pile of dark laundry…which happened to have my other pair of jeans in it.

So, here I am.  Pantless.  I mean, sure I have slacks and a pair of khakis I could wear.

But it’s my goddamn vacation and I fucking want to wear my jeans, dammit!


The moment those jeans come out, I’m outta here to have lunch with Brandon.  Been home so much these 5 days, I’m getting a little antsy.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Amy   •  

    I want to play rock band so bad!

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