First Sentence Challenge

This challenge has been canceled for obvious reason. It’s REALLY fuckin’ hard. LOL. Thanks for stopping by anyway, y’all! 🙂

A few days ago, Lillian‘s meme got me compiling the first sentence from each month in 2007 into a “Summary of 2007”. That little project gave me an idea for a blogger challenge.

Blogger friends, this mission is yours if you choose to accept it.

First Sentence Challenge: Use only the first sentences from all of your 2007 blog entry to form a coherent story. The sentences don’t have to appear chronologically. You can put the sentences anywhere you like. You cannot, however, add any additional words to this story.

Farming 365 sentences (if you blog daily that is) isn’t going to be easy. So, Let’s meet back here on Thursday, February 28. I will post my story here and you can leave me a link back to your entry on my comment.

I don’t have a prize for participation or anything. I just thought that it might be fun to do during these winter months. 🙂


  1. gnarlykitty   •  

    I will try my best but I’d rather stick to first post of every month.. I think every post for me would bore people to death

  2. Amy   •  

    Holy hell that is a lot of work. LOL! Cool but work!! I’ll do a modified 1sr of every month post type one this week. 🙂

  3. OakMonster   •  

    Thanks ladies for even trying the 12-month one!

    Kitty, don’t worry about “boring people to death”. Your blog entry is always colorful. 🙂 Now, it’s the exercise to see if we can rearrange all of those supposedly mundane sentences into something wonderful.

    Amy, that’s the spirit!

  4. lillian   •  

    Oak it’s WAY TOO MUCH WORK. Sorry, I’m not in! Even the 12 month thing took me way to long! 🙁

  5. kuri   •  

    I did the short version, but I don’t know about the other one Two hundred and two sentences would be an awful lot of work. I’ll think about it, though.

  6. kuri   •  

    Oops. That should be “…the other one. Two hundred and two sentences…”

  7. oakley   •  

    Kuri – No problem man. It’s a huge task. Hence, a blogger CHALLENGE. 🙂 But hey, if you can do it. More power to ya.

    I’m going to start by collecting as many as I can in an hour at home. We’ll see how many I’ll have by the weekend.

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