We are here!

And as it turned out, so is dad.

Dad’s flight actually landed this morning, not tomorrow. Imagine if he didn’t take one day delay! He would have been here yesterday by himself! And then when he arrived, we found out that when I changed his reservation to FRIDAY, they scheduled him in for Saturday. Pfffssshh…

Anyways. Brandon and I got here in one piece. Although we have had probably the most fucked up Hawaiian welcome ever.

Not 10 minutes into our shuttle ride from the airport, the driver turned up the radio to hear traffic report and we found out that they closed a portion of the westbound freeway because baby sitter/neighbor ran off with the 23-month-old toddler and tossed the poor kid off the overpass into the traffic below. We were already cringing when we heard this.

And then our bus came up on the scene. At first we could only see the ambulance, but just past it we saw a bundle of white cloth on the concrete…

…with bits and pieces of flesh scattered outside what the cloth couldn’t cover.

Aloha, indeed.

Because of the H-1 closure, the entire Waikiki was…actually…is in a dead gridlock. I mean, Bangkok on a rainy day bad. People couldn’t get to the highway so they side-street it. Even with dropping off passengers all over Waikiki, it still took 2 hours for us to get to our hotel.

We walked to the mall, ate (dad hasn’t eaten since breakfast and we haven’t since lunch) and now we have to run downstairs to the cab and then off to Ray’s place for dinner.

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  1. Nan   •  

    Awww… so sorry to hear you had a terrible time getting in to Honolulu. Hope you have fun on the rest of the trip though!

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