Vacation from Vacation

Aloha, gang. We’re back on the mainland. And today, we took a vacation from our vacation. We slept in, stayed in, and went out for our massages. Hmm…hot stone therapy.

We had an overall great time. I wish I didn’t have to play the tour director the entire trip, but that is what you have when we have one really out of towner in the midst. Dad had a great time too, I hope. The Couch Monkey Adventures album is up and running. That alone should give you an idea from our trip.

As I am still giving myself a break, instead of posting pictures and more recap, you’ll have 2 pieces of memorable conversations we had over the trip.

#1 – The conversation you’d have when you’ve been married for 6 years…

Me: You know I love you, right?

Him: [Looked up from his book alarmingly] Why?

Me: [Confused — the usual reply is “Yes”] What do you mean ‘why?’?

Him: Oh. I thought may be Brad Pitt was standing right here or something.


Me: Is it so wrong to want something fruity and alcoholic right about now?

Him: I’m sure Waikiki has a few gay bars you can go on a hunt…

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  1. Sungimann   •  

    LOL! Your partner sure has a great sense of humour.

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