The second giant storm is heading to the Southland.  But today, we have a break.  The sky is super blue and there are actually fluffy clouds out.  Gorgeous.

Our plan is to be outside for a bit, see Cloverfield, and get grocery.  But my major goal for the weekend is cleaning my “den”.

I started nesting sometime at the end of the day at work yesterday.  My cubicle has looked like Kansas after a tornado for the past few months.  I finally cleared things out.  On Monday, I have to bust out the dusting cloth and 409 and REALLY clean the joint because after all, using canned air to dust your desk isn’t really effective.  LOL.

Oh, speaking of tornado, I have overheard the funniest excuse to not come into work in the elevator today.

Some lady called in “sick” and gave this excuse: “A tornado touched down in Long Beach yesterday, and I almost got blown away. I’m not coming in.”

Apparently, there were two that touched down on Thursday, one by LAX and one up in Ventura County.  Nowhere near Long Beach.  That’s just hilarious.  But I digress.

The nesting.  Yes, that is also continuing into my home office.  I have been putting off filing my paperwork and organizing it all year.  I used to get on this thing every 2 months but these days the SlothMonster wins out on the weekends all the time.

Now I have paperwork everywhere.  And my Money has all sorts of unreconciled items because I haven’t track down the computer receipts to match them.  There is a pile of small notebooks on my desk that I was using but not consistently.  There is a still a whole bunch of stuff I left on the floor I haven’t put away.

Oh god. I’m going to get get buried alive if the house shifts or something.

I can no longer put off the paperwork.  Tax season is just around the corner.  Our tax lady would KILL ME if I’m not ready.  As for the rest of the room, well, I had it with my own mess.

Oh, and finally, remember I posted a writing challenge a while back?  Well, I’m going to cancel it.  Just like how everyone commented that that was a HUGE project, it is more than huge.  It’s FUCKING HUGE.  LOL.  So, I’m just going to cancel that.

Instead, I encourage you to participate in Kuri’s Best Blog Post of the Year.  Nominate your own entry or someone else’s there.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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  1. lillian   •  

    Phew.. I am SOO glad you thing the task is huge and canceling it is the only way to go haha 🙂

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