End of the World

As we were watching a documentary on a few ways that humanity could come to an end. You know, massive volcanic eruption. Nuclear War. Global Warming. That kind of thing. They mentioned asteroid collisions of the worst kind.

Me: I’d totally go wait right there where the asteroid is going to hit. I’d rather having us die right there on the spot than ending having to eat each other…you know, not in a sexual way.

Brandon laughs.

Me: I mean, seriously though. I don’t want to suffer through the whole aftermath. I’d rather go with the first blow.

Brandon: And not in a sexual way?

Don’t you just love our little weekend morbid talk? 🙂

Speaking of asteroids, if you are a Star Trek fan in the Los Angeles area, and not doing anything tomorrow morning, come on down to the Queen Mary in Long Beach to the Star Trek The Tour. We’ll be there around 11. Spot me in this lovely t-shirt, hanging out with a bunch of dudes.

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