Super Weekend


This weekend flew by at warp speed. Well, as it should as I was on board the Enterprise. Hehe. I will put the picture of our group on the bridge of NC-1701-A…that’s the Kirk-Spock Enterprise to you…up as soon as I could clean all the specks off of my scan.

The Star Trek Tour was quite fun. The price is a little steep for the experience but yeah, it was really entertaining.

The group went to Gaffey Street Diner for a huge lunch. Then later on, Erik, Brandon, and I followed our inner 13-year-old’s lack of better sense and saw Meet the Spartans. It was exactly what you think it was going to be. It has its moments though. The pit of death was great. Could we have waited to rent this on DVD? Certainly. But, it was a fun escape.

Sunday morning, I went up to Mary Ann in Sierra Madre for my hair cut. It’s not really that far from my house on Sunday morning, really. And Mary Ann is worth driving to. She KNOWS my hair. And of course, the personal time you get to spend with a friend is always good.

And it’s not a Super Bowl unless we were at Brenda’s…now, Brenda and Jon’s. 🙂 This is where I got a little happy with 3 pints of Jon’s homebrews, two cider and one English Bitter. Had to sit around for another hour, somewhat watching House, before I could drive.

But need I say more about the Super Bowl? Holy schmoly! I was just there for the food, the beer, the ad and partly cheering for the underdog. (If the Trojans can’t have a perfect season, nobody else can!) But fo the last 2 minutes of that game, I suddenly became a die-hard Giants fan. LOL.

The weekend of activities set the tone for this week of work madness.

It’s like treading the field full of prairie dogs. You tip-toe out to work, and not two steps in, you fall into a hole. You dig yourself out of that hole and thought you are safe. Then you take two more steps and fall into another hole. That’s my work for the past 2 weeks. Lots and lots of holes to dig out off.

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