Definitely Maybe

BBC reports about a possible link that excessive Vitamin E intake may increase risk of lung cancer.

As fas as I know, my mom has been taking Vitamin E supplements for years for her skin.  One  of the things she told me to take later on in life along with calcium, pretty much.  It’s the dry skin that runs in both sides of the family, she said.  We need to nourish from outside and inside.

Could it be that her vitamin intakes actually cause the cancer?  It’s far fetched, but this report said it’s possible.

I know.  I’m reaching.  It’s been many months, but I find myself struggling to make sense of things sometimes still.

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  1. beavis   •  

    Weird…I just read a novel called _Definitely Maybe_. It’d been sitting on my bookshelf for about 15 years, and I finally consumed it.

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