Contentment Wall

On my way to work this morning, I had an epiphany.

I am way too content with my life, and therefore I lack the motivation to do anything else.

Look at it point by point and see if I’m crazy.

I love my body so I’m not really that motivated to work out. Genetically, I am not set up to live until I’m 100 years old. Since I don’t plan on having kids, there is not really a reason to live that long anyway. All I have to do is outlive Brandon. 😉 However, I am changing my eating habit, and that is working quite well for me so far.

I love my job despite the occasional bitching and moaning. (I mean, who doesn’t!) I don’t want to be in management so I’m settling in nicely where I am at. There is no need to claw my way to the top because I am not aiming for the top. I am just happily carving my own little niche in the organization like a little career trench I can move around laterally, playing all the important roles for the team without getting shot.

The commute is ridiculously simple with this bus route. Not to mention that I am saving the planet everyday, riding this bus.

Everything is going so swell that I don’t want to change a thing. I am pleased with life in general that I don’t need any more and I don’t want any less.

But somewhere deep in this lovely contentment, I think I got subconsciously bored.

That was why I haven’t wanted to do much of anything but watching hours and hours of television. Even before the flu and the antibiotics. I mean, I didn’t even want to cook–or blog! That right there should’ve sent a signal. But I was so comfortable where I was, I didn’t even see it.

Through television, I was escaping my content little life to somewhere else where things were different than what I have.

Now that the problem is brought to light, I have been plotting all day to make some changes.

I bought (which right now is pointed to OakMonster’s Den content) with plans to extend my line of shirts and raise more money.

I looked up classes to take just to get me out of the routine. I was looking at a local dance studio that offers hip-hop as well as modern dance, and a kung-fu class at the local college. I was thinking of some cooking classes. But I could easily grab recipes and hit the stove on my own for that. Culinary school was very enticing to me but I don’t think I can afford it.

I planned on doing all the projects I dreamed up but never executed. Like putting up a photo wall in my den with the Post-It photo paper. Like updating Boren Consulting website. (Please don’t go there right now. It’s kind of embarrassing.) Like making my scrapbook since I haven’t done it for the past two years. Like making Brandon’s kilt and my own Renaissance Faire costume.

Yes. That’s some list I have going on for myself. But one thing I definitely accomplished today though.

I got all the tax paperwork and bills sorted, ready to be worked into Microsoft Money tomorrow. Oh, and I can see the office’s carpet again. One small step for the OakMonster.

The Contentment Wall? You’re going down, buddy.

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