Sunshine after the rain

Out of sadness, comes hope.  And a renewed energy to get on with life.

Brandon and I are entering a few photos into the amateur photography contest in our little city.  I have been looking forward to this since winter, and damn near almost miss the deadline!  Brandon will drop our handy works off on Monday before he goes to work.

Nhien, a quasi-professional photographer, helped me pick a few more options out yesterday.  She had entered a few contests herself so she knows what to look for.  I told her if I win, I’ll give her a framed print as her commission.  I am pretty sure of my 3 entries.  Brandon may pick some of his as well.  Once we know which one we’re submitting, I’ll post them here and you can tell me what kind of chance we have to winning this thing.  Heh.

Along the line of getting on with life, last night Brandon and I went to Ikea and picked up a new computer desk and filing cabinet for me.

It all started at our appointment with the accountant on Thursday.  Brandon mentioned that the hand-me-down metal filing cabinet I have, the bottom drawer doesn’t open properly.  Somehow from that conversion, we decided on buying me a new computer desk and rearranging my office as well.

Here we are.  Yet another redecorating project for the apartment.  Hahah.

And finally, I will be spending 3 days and 3 nights in San Diego with Olaina and Justin a few weeks from now to take a 2-day Cascading Style Sheets class.  I head down from the office on AMTRAK on Wednesday and Brandon will come down to visit and pick me up on Saturday.  This plan here has been a total pain in the butt to finalize, but it is now done.

The original plan had to do with a $900 course in San Diego next week.  I bought the AMTRAK tickets and arranged my plan with O&J.  A day after that, the class was canceled.  At least this one is more trustworthy and I KNOW they will not run off with my money.

Ah, the joy of those big training companies.  If a class is not popular enough, they reschedule again and again until you probably want out.  (With CSS, everyone seems to be learning from the book or the website.  I tried unsuccessfully to learn from the book and my experience of online classes has been bad–as in I don’t really retain much of anything.)  Then, they will offer you a private class for the same price.  If they had told me earlier on, I might have stayed with them.  Unfortunately, while waiting to hear back from these guys, I found another vendor who will do one-on-one on site training for almost half the price.  I arranged to have this session at Olaina & Justin’s apartment instead.   What a deal!

I look forward to finally learn CSS so I can stop “borrowing” codes, but I am extremely excited to spend time with Olaina and Justin; especially when I get to be there to celebrate Justin’s match day and go to church with Olaina on Good Friday.  Soooo stoked!

Positive changes are abound, my friends.  My life is coming back to me in a grand way.

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