Is this the Matrix?

I’m sure Morpheus is waiting outside the door with the blue pill and red pill right now.

I can’t possibly living in a real world right now.

I finished the 2-day cram CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) course at 5:15 p.m. today. I walked away from Justin & Olaina’s kitchen table to join them in his office in a semi-daze. Lines of codes floating in my head. We were deciding where to go for dinner. Justin said we could look at the menus on his computer.

Olaina and I congregated in front of the lap top. The font was so small, both of us leaned in and squinted. We laughed. Both of us have been staring at the computer screens all day. She’s been working on the pictures of the Match day, and I on the class.

“All I see right now are just flashes of lights,” she said.

“All I see are lines and lines of codes,” I said. “You know how the numbers stream through the screen in The Matrix? That’s how I feel right now.”

Life has been quite surreal these past few days, actually. Neo might as well unplug me any second now.

Taking the train down to San Diego by myself after an early start of the Early Meeting was an experience on its own.

Justin & Olaina’s excitement and anticipation for Match Day was highly contagious all on its own but I felt additionally honored to get to be with them on their other special day.

Getting a chance to just hang out with Olaina on her home turf for a change was also cool as hell.

And finally, after a few years of trying to make sense of CSS on my own, I finally learned how to actually use the damn thing.

It is also surreal that I am here without Brandon.

I mean, I’ve gone home for over a week before, but it didn’t feel quite the same. Perhaps because I know I was really far away and that I can’t really quite call him up like I can from San Diego. Knowing he was so close by and yet I can’t be with him is very weird. It makes my stomach lurch a bit and my heart sink a little.

I just hope that he misses me as much as I do him.

Adding to it all, it’s Friday night and we’re sitting her watching March madness, sipping the champagne I brought down to celebrate Justin’s big day. All of this after a nice huge dinner of yummy food at Ritual. Oh my god, the Shrimp Scampi!!!!  (I’ll blog about that over at the food blog later.)

And just last night, we were sipping expensive cocktails at an ultra chic lounge called Jade with Justin’s classmates. Actually, Olaina and I and another lady were huddling together and people watched. Before that, we were enjoying dinner and booze over at the Whiskey Girl.

Yet, another two moments of this trip that poignantly reminded me of Brandon’s absence.

I am so confused.

I am having such a good time out here alone. Yet I wish Brandon was here with me too.

We just can’t have it all, can we?

But YOU can have it all, my dearest readers. Tomorrow, I’ll post all of the hilarious snippets of conversions we’ve been having these past few days. I’m sure Olaina is getting tired of me calling “dibs” a few times a day. LOL.

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