TGI Thursday

Thursdays are now designated “Guys Night” by Brandon and his buddies. That doesn’t mean they would all go out and do anything crazy. Just dinner and a few beers. Perhaps they may just order pizza and watch a movie or something like that.

Something that seem to be too much for the girls. We only have once a month dinner date and we can barely keep it. Haha. I’m sure that would launch a thousand conversations on men v.s. women thing.

I *do* have a bunch of people who would want to go out and grab a beer or two with me much on a daily basis…at the office. Unfortunately for me, as much as I want to stay, I just can’t do an impromptu session. While my peeps can head out any day of the week without having to think about it too much, I have to catch my bus. Nobody lives my way any more so the “Hey, let’s go drinking RIGHT NOW!” is out for me.

But on the flip side, I get to have a me time. As in, I am not cooking or doing anything household related. Just what I want to accomplish or to do for fun.

It’s a good trade off.

I plan on making my Thursday night “work on Olaina’s website” night.  Once that’s done, I have plenty more projects to keep me happily busy.

But tonight, this arrangement works out beautifully for me as I can work on my stuff late into the night if I want to.

I have a day off tomorrow. Before you get all jealous, you should know that I take the day off for all sorts of health appointments. First is my physical. Then my optometrist. And since my 1996 Corolla decided to put on his little Check Engine light last week, I have to take Merlin to the “doctor” as well.

Conveniently, the Toyota dealership is in my old neighborhood and a few steps from the optometrist which is also a few more steps away from my nail place, In-N-Out, Marshall’s, and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

All I need to have with me is my wallet and a book, that’s it.

Oh, and somewhere in there I have to get my boxes of books to the post office to get sent off to troops around the world, an Operation Paperback effort. 🙂

A quote from LA Yoga that Olaina clipped out for me says:

“The more we do things we love, we are creating more joy and peace into our lives.”

Oh yes. I am LOADED with projects, y’all. And I couldn’t be happier.

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  1. Olaina   •  

    Not that I could have done anything about it because we’ve been steeped in Operation Run Around the World, but I love knowing I have a night to myself that is actually your night to your self! And know what’s cooler?!?!?! I’ll actually be living near there relatively soon. 🙂

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