Things I don’t understand

People who drive in the fast lane on the freeway going at the speed limit while everyone else is going faster AND won’t get over to let faster traffic pass.

Same people in the carpool lane with a dozen cars stuck behind them AND won’t get over to let faster traffic pass.

Self proclaimed health nuts who looked down upon you for enjoying bacon and butter but they go out to tan in midday sun without sunscreen.

Same health nuts going all organic and fat-free but drink like alcoholics.


My former work place.

Occasionally, my current work place.

Extremists of any kind–Muslims, Christians, Environmentalists, etc.

$3+ cupcakes.

Designer purses.  (Seriously, $3000 for a fucking purse?  Does it come stuffed with $2550 cash?) 

Designer baby/children’s clothing.  (Found at James and Aurora house was a cute little True Religion t-shirt.  They wouldn’t believe me when I said that itsy bitsy 6-12mo shirt was probably $40+.  A boy’s t-shirt on their website is $58.  What do you think?)

People who keep looking at you while you talk to your friend in the elevator, hoping to be included in the conversation just because they get into the same elevator as you.

People who rush into the elevator before the people inside can even get out.  (That is a very FOB Asian trait, by the way.  So yes, partly it’s cultural, but that doesn’t make it excusable.  Thai people do that at home.  I mean, think about this for a second, people.  If the folks inside couldn’t get out, there is no room for you on the damn elevator.  Duh!  But you’re not in your homeland any more.  Adjust to the new norm already, sheesh.)

People who talk on their cell phones in the restroom while doing their business.  WTF, seriously!

I’m sure there are a LOT more things one don’t understand.  Care to share a few?


  1. Joy Somsarin   •  

    When an employee wants to resign, he/she just leaves without prior notice. (And what happens to the job left behind like that?) But when the employer wants an employee to leave, he/she has to give 30-day prior notice, otherwise the employee can sue for compensation. WTF is wrong with the Labor court in Thailand?

  2. Martin Zimmerman   •  

    Joy Somsarin, are you from Bangkok and went to Italy in 1988 1989? My name is Martin.

  3. Joy   •  

    Yes. I’m Joy who went to Cucuma camp in Italy in 1988. ????

  4. Joy   •  

    Yes. I’m Joy who went to Cucuma camp in Italy in 1988. ????

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