Dear Ass. You’ve been Kicked.

Good lord.

How could a cold kicked my ass for THREE days!

I did go to work this morning, having felt peachy when I left the house. But then there was the waves of fever that never quite broke. There was higher and lower fever. No break.

I just sat there, staring at my monitor, not registering anything. I believe I got some stuff done and sent some emails. That much I remember. My head hurt, then went numb. Like my brain was floating inside an oven I called my skull. By the time I felt my face flushing, I knew I had to go.

Thank god, my boss let me go home. Thank god, Brandon was available to pick me up from the transit center.

I had lunch and slept all afternoon. Actually, I have been up for about an hour and pondering going back to bed again.

The fever broke a little bit while I napped, I think. But matter not. My face is feeling a bit warm again.


And I have Adobe Acrobat class tomorrow morning.

God help me.


  1. Dr. House   •  

    The title cracked me up so bad. Then, I could say ” I just got my ass kicked hundred times”. I was sick as dog for 3 full weeks. Had an old Chinese lady coughing next to me on the bus enrouted to NYC for 4 hours after a sleepless night…. The bus was full and I had no drinking water. Flu was the result.

    Just FYI,

    take vitamin C (1000 mil) everyday (and B complex ). Drink enough water, sleep enough, get some excercise, wash hands before eating, and use Listerine. My uncle, royal family’s doctor, recommended me to do all of that. And it works for me (born with weak immune).

    Use Yin & Yang rule (your body has hot and cold elements), just balance your life. Sound crazy? For example, if you didn’t sleep much the night before (your body temp heat up), drink lots of water, take vitamins, eat well, and try to get more sleep next night to make up(to reduce the heat and balance out). Try that you won’t be sick again.

  2. Dr. House   •  

    BTW, get well soon. & sip some warm salty water to soothe sore throat.

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