Going where?

Celeste, Nhien and I ran into The New Guy in the parking lot yesterday. He asked where we were heading off to.

Celeste said, “You want to come with us? We’re going to pho.” [Pronounced: fuh]

TNG just looked at me with an expression I now know as the “I’m not going to go there” look. And of course, I just had to go there on his behalf and for everyone’s entertainment.

“The noodles, TNG. We’re going to get Vietnamese noodles,” I told him.

Celeste and Nhien caught on and started laughing.

“I thought you were going to get hot dogs,” he quizzed.

“But that’s because I want to initiate you to the cult of the bacon wrapped hot dog, dude,” I replied.  “Since you couldn’t go, well, we’re going to get pho instead.”

TNG sighed. “Well, have a good lunch then,” he added, “Next time you ladies are going to pho, I’ll bring the hot dog.”

Yes, we totally adore TNG. He fits right in with our sick and twisted crew.

And when I recount the story to Brandon later last night, Brandon laughed.

“Well, hell!  Who in their right mind can say no to you three going to pho.”

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