The gatekeepers

Last night at 410 Boyd, my drinking buddy Big Papi talked about life as a minority at an Ivy league university and in the mainly old white dudes law practices. He said that he actually appreciates the fact that other people underestimate him.

“They think I’m lazy or stupid or something else. So I work harder. And when it’s my time to shine, those fools won’t even know what hit them,” he said.

“The Art of War,” I added.

“Damn straight!” He put ’em up and we high-fived.

Same thing applies to the administrative professionals. Some people think of them as the lower class citizens of the corporate ladder. Kids fresh out of college. Adults with GED. Or somebody who are somewhat not very qualified to be doing anything else but “assist”.

Think again.

These guys are the ones keeping things rolling for an organization. Imagine the workload or what all you’d have to do without those guys! Who would help you collate stuff? Who would pick up the phones or screen any calls? Office supplies? Forget it. That meeting you want with an exec–both in or out of the office–never going to get it without the help of an assistant.

It’s like what Chef House said that you should never piss off your wait staff. In your office, it’s these hard working folks who you want to appreciate the most. Your life is a lot easier because of their help.

I would advocate being good to your admin folks year long, but since it’s a designated day, be extra nice. It’s like Valentine’s Day for your special coworkers.

The reason why I feel a little bit passionate about this is that I used to be an admin professional too, so I get it.

Therefore, my admin ladies all got a sunflower on their desks today. 🙂

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