Matt the Lost Boy launched his top 100 Thailand blogs ranking.

Guess who came in at #21? ETA: Ranking changed daily.  So I’ve dropped like gazillion spots since the launch.  Haha!  Get over there and help me at least stay on the list, okay?

I am surprised and honored to actually get to share the edge of the spotlight where the really good blogs about Thailand are featured.

My blog is more of a personal rant and rave with some Thai flavors. Well, heck, I’m Thai! What other flavor is this blog going to have? Even my husband says that despite all of my American-ness, my instincts and habits are very Thai.

My life stories listed here also serve as a cultural study of Thai cultures. I’m one of those more previleged ones from a famous family. And I happened to be laced with some royal DNAs. My story and point of view is going to be different than others.

But I guess being a Thai living in America, writing about things on both sides of the ponds, does represent my motherland. I’m totally okay with that.

Thanks for the love, blogosphere!

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  1. sporto   •  

    Bummer. Voted you tops and dropped you from 41 to 43. Shenanigans.

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