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I returned to writing for after a long hiatus (read: writer’s block of a massive scale) with this lightly saucy entry about a report that 70% of Thai women don’t have orgasm.

The first draft of this piece was pretty much that, plus some personal experience.  But then I read it, and I wasn’t sure if I want to include that much information.  Then I tried to tip-toe around it and talked about my experience without actually saying it.  It was just dumb.  So I left it out altogether.

I know I write a lot about my personal life.  I spill a lot of my guts and tears here.  But even with all the bodily fluids contributed to the existence of this blog, there are still some place I wouldn’t go.

I’m mature enough as a blogger to have a bit more of the self censorship now.  Although only gods know that self censorship only works when I type and not when I speak.

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  1. OnigiriFB   •  

    I tried to comment on the thai-blogs site but it wouldnt let me. So here goes:

    Ooooh! That used to really make me mad! I hated the good girl/bad girl thing. I grew up in the States until I was 13 so everything I did I was chastised for not being a good Thai girl.

    I think Thai culture teaches the girl to be too subservient to males. Would a normal Thai girl be comfortable asking the guy for oral sex? The only way a lot of woman can orgasm. There is, or was when I was there, too much emphases on being pure in Thai culture. Pure or prostitute seemed to be the only option. It’s no wonder Thai girls may not orgasm.

    I don’t date Asian men but I know that any time I talked even slightly about sex or dirty they go running for the hills. Or I get the “reputation”. So what’s a girl to do? Date white men? Then you have to deal with the asian girl/white men fetish. That can be a little wierd too.

    Oh, ps Oakley. I’ll be in LA for July 4th. Wanna go get food?

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