May Day Ponderance

Bits and snippets vverheard on the streets of Downtown Los Angeles, where the immigration march tomorrow is going to vastly affect everyone’s commute home.

A: Why do they have to pick the rush hour to have an assembly? This is so inconvenient.

B: Um, isn’t that the point of a protest?

A: Yes. But what about MY rights to go home on time? MY rights to not be stuck in traffic? MY rights not to have to take the day off so I don’t get stuck in all of this mess?

You know how we can disperse the crowd really quickly tomorrow? Put up immigration check points along the route with transport buses at the ready.

C: Why don’t we just declare May 1st a holiday every year then, so we don’t have to be stuck in this mess all the time?

D: Because they would just pick another non-holiday day to march.  Like May 2nd.

C: Oh.  Well, they should just march on the weekends when there’s nobody here.

Why don’t we do this? On May 1st, we all head down to Mexico City and block THEIR traffic during rush hour.

Our usual bus route is going to be affected and therefore the bus buddies have been plotting a way to work and home since Friday. We saw the “alternate route” plan on the bus today, and we all had to laugh.

The “alternate route” not only explain how they’d get from the depot, passed City Hall and into my side of town. You know, the City Hall, where the assembly of 100,000 strong is supposed to gather?

The only change on the route is to alter a right turn 2 blocks earlier than the usual route, which still leads into the tail end of the assembly.

OCTA don’t seem to do their research.  That is just sooo Orange County.

But anyways. As for me, as a LEGAL immigrant who paid my way to be here legally–and no, I’m NOT getting into that again–I am working from home tomorrow.

I couldn’t take the bus if I want to get home before, oh I don’t know, 8 p.m.  And driving in is certainly going to be a mess.  Thank god I have a project that is needed to be done but I couldn’t get my focus on.  And then I also volunteer to use the high focus time to attack another project as well.  My boss is kind enough to let me work from home.

I have been having a horrible case of ADD in the office.  It’s not completely self induced but the environmental wasn’t helpful to me keeping my focus either.  So much is going on and so many people are asking for so many things.  Way too hectic (and sometimes just too much damn drama) to concentrate sometimes.

It’s funny that I need to be a home to actually find peace to work.  I am super excited about it.  Can hardly wait to get this project out of my hair!

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  1. lol im jealous… they had time to march on 1st may while i had to crunch numbers at work… as for the traffic… bkk traffic today was absolutely purrrrrfect. 🙂 anyway… dropping by to say hi!!!! *hugs*

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