A gray embrace

I wish I could show you the picture, but it’s really hard to try to take a picture of the side of your own head where gray hair has began its invasion.  After a few close brushes of permanently twisting my body in a improbable angle; and falling off the vanity and breaking my neck, y’all would just have to use your own imagination on this one.

Besides, the gray army is a little camera shy.  It’s tricky to capture a few silver strands among a sea of shiny black, I tell ya.

I have about 3-5 strands of silver hair on each side of my temples.  If I pull my hair back, you can see them.

It used to be in the back and underneath. Then they started to come up on top. And now they’re on to the sides of my head.

Earlier, I would pull some out. Okay, sure, EVERYBODY told me to stop doing that because 5/7/9/[insert your number here] its friends will come to the funeral. But seriously, folks. Grays are in my genes. Pulling it or not is not going to matter.

After a while, I resorted to just pull the ones that sticking straight up or straight out because it’s just way out of control. Or if I happened to spot one in the en of my pigtails. Otherwise, I don’t pull any more.

What’s the point of fighting genetics, really.

My dad has gone gray very early. I actually don’t remember him with black hair. Both of my brothers started finding their grays in their teens. One of them started losing his very early too and the other one, only two years older than me, is going salt-and-pepper.

I actually am looking forward to have more white/gray hair so I can do crazy color highlights without actually having to bleach my hair first.

No, seriously. I do. I know that when men go gray, they look distinguished. Women go gray, we’re just old hags. But hey, this is a genetic traits in my family. Something I got from the good ol’ daddy-o. I’m going to be proud of it.

Like Greg M. said the other day, my hair may be going gray, but at least I still have it on my head. 🙂


  1. Amy   •  

    Same thing has happened to my hair, my roots are all peppered w silver and a few on temples too making it necessary for me to dye my hair every 4 weeks instead of the every 6-8 weeks I’ve always done. boo hoo

  2. Olaina   •  

    I always said I’d grow old gracefully and just accept it.

    Tomorrow I want to go out and buy concealer to cover the weird darkish wrinkly-ish stuff that seems to think it is allowed to live on my face…

    And I pulled a gray today. It was standing straight out of the whole rest of the messy curly do. Even crazy curls can’t accept that sort of behavior.

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