I am zapped.

Long, early start this morning with an event in Long Beach. Slipped a little bit in my new boots and now my bad ankle is swollen. Crazy rest of the day in the office as the bosses are getting ready to take off the next two days to do an executive powwow off site.


Just kidding.

I can’t even try to do that with the amount of stuff I have to catch up on since this morning event took over my life this past week.

Treated myself to a “Chinese Reflexology Massage” at Red Persimmon, a nail place a few miles away. Sat there on the comfy couch for one hour getting my feet and neck and shoulders rubbed. Didn’t feel like eating dinner so I had a few mutant strawberries (they’re HUGE) and a few glasses of water before taking a dunk in a bath.

I feel like a jellyfish. Just a puddle of sinews and fluids here. Going to blob my way to bed now.

I’m sorry for yet another boring post. Well, hell. What do you expect from a jellyfish!

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  1. Amy   •  

    goodnight jellyfish!

    I think of you everytime I make the turn on Annie Oakley drive to go home. lol

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