Life imitates art

In “Day After Tomorrow”, a massive tornado ripped through Los Angeles.

Yesterday, a baby one touched down in Riverside.

Miraculously, nobody got hurt.

If you look at my Twitter history there, you’ll see my weather report from atop the 34th floor of Downtown Los Angeles.

After the week of heat, we were cooling down again.  And then suddenly, yesterday, rain clouds came out of nowhere and the rain poured for a good 10-15 minutes.  As in, sheets and sheets of it.  Looking out the north side of the building, it looked like snow.

Then it was sunny again.

Then it started to sprinkle and mist with the sun still out…but just on the northwest corner of the building.  I saw the sun was out so I was going over to the east side to spot a rainbow.  It was all sunny and dry on the other side.  Not even a trace of a mist.

But outside of the north east window, the super dark clouds loomed in the distance.

A few of us were thinking it, but didn’t say it.   With all of this weirdness in the weather, if the Big One hit, we wouldn’t be surprise.  Instead, we joked out loud about brimstones would be next to fall from the sky and that the Four Horsemen are on their way in from Riverside, but got stuck on the freeway.

I had a horrible time carpooling in to work with a bus buddy lady, and even worse when my colleague drove me home.

Completely wiped when I got home, I forewent making a batch of Absolutely Weevils cookies, and settled in on the couch for some pizza and my jug of cranberry juice.

And here we are again, back in the weird weather central, waiting for some light shows of promised thunderstorm and rain.

It’s too scary outside, y’all.

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    So when exactly in June you and Brandon will be here?
    Will you email me your number to


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