Sleepless nights

We’re once again on death watch as Brandon’s grandfather who has Alzheimer is hospitalized.  We don’t really know how many hours, days, weeks he has because, apparently, the doctor has been giving different information to different family members.

With Grandpa’s death watch, we didn’t get to be with Justin and Olaina on his graduation this morning.  Nor will we be at Brandon’s niece high school graduation on Thursday.

Brandon is going to be out to Pennsylvania tomorrow to be with his mom and grandmother.  If the funeral happens then, it happens then.  If it doesn’t, at least he was there to help around the house, and say his final goodbye.

His grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer several years ago.   Brandon said that he and Grandpa had already had their heart-to-heart back then.  He didn’t want Brandon to see him when he lost himself, and they said goodbye then.  However, Grandpa did come to our wedding and he was mostly lucid then.

That was the only time I ever met the man Brandon admires so much.  It was an honor.

With Brandon gone, I’m not going to get any sleep this week.  Heck, I can’t even go to sleep right now.

Neither could he.

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