Forget it

The past three hours, I remember nothing of my past and impending sleepless nights, of work, of life.

The past three hours, I made new memories with 3 girl friends over a bottle of wine, two buckets of garlic fries, a bowl of mussels, and a few plates of crepes.

Lupe, Aurora, Lee and I went out for the “not girls night out” dinner at Le Creperie in Belmont Shore.

It’s a totally Sex and the City moment, substituting sex talk with baby talk, work gossip and crazy observation of people.  LOL.

At some point, we almost forgot we were here.  The decor and the atmosphere didn’t quite transport us to France but it took us somewhere else entirely.  It was noisy in a good way–filled with conversations, laughter and piano music.

Once in a while, all you need is your girls to rediscover joy.

P.S. I was just talking to Brandon that I need to find a good piano lounge around here to go hang out at.  Me and a glass of wine, listening to the real master makes a baby grand sings.  Le Creperie is just the ticket.

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