College Rules

I struggled to remember the 10 Golden Rules of college per the instruction of my awesome high school Physics teacher, Ed Cunningham. A few of them I had committed to memory as I managed to follow them for at least the first semester freshman year.

You know, before the rest of your college life actually encroached on your studying.

So, I wrote whatever I could remember down on a handful of note cards along with some that I just made up from experience. These cards and a copy of “The Alchemist” are on their way to Brandon’s niece Lauren in Norco who is graduating from high school this morning.

After that, Lauren is leaving California for a brave new world of her second home state, New Mexico. Brandon’s mom has been back to college this past few years, attending classes at University of New Mexico extension campus in Taos.  As a matter of fact, she’s getting her associate this summer!  Lauren is going to join her this fall.  Mom is thinking of renting a small place in town while they go to school, and then head back to their home in the mountains on the weekend.

Grandma and granddaughter are not only going to be schoolmates but roommates as well.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?  😉

Anyways.  Here is what was in the “College Rules for Success” cards I wrote for Lauren. EC marks the ones from Mr. Cunningham:

  1. Don’t pick classes that start before 9 a.m. (EC)
  2. Wake up at least one hour before class. That includes your afternoon nap. (EC)
  3. Eat breakfast before going to class (or afternoon snack before your afternoon class) No, a cup of coffee is NOT breakfast.
  4. Sit to your right/your professor’s left, toward the front and stay at the same spot every time. Also introduce yourself to your professor on the first day. Having him/her remembers you makes a difference for your learning and for your possible recommendation down the road. (EC)
  5. Participate in class – answer and ask questions, join in the discussions. It will keep you interested and you will learn more.
  6. Copy over and reorganize your class notes within one hour after class–guaranteed better retention! And makes notes easier to study later on. (EC)
  7. Never study past 10 p.m. You either need a life or sleep by then. (EC)
  8. Attend collegiate sporting events…whatever it is your school is in to.
  9. Take at least one FUN class each semester. 2 units of fun elective ain’t gonna hurt nobody.
  10. At ANY social event, get YOUR OWN beverage. Trust no one.
  11. Be nice to your TAs, RAs, leaders of your clubs, and your friends who know how to fix your computer.
  12. Have fun. You learn nothing in class or in life when you’re bored.

Blogosphere, feel free to add more of yours here!

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