Commute Happy

I bought this from the Container Store.

That, my friend, is the gift from the Commuter Gods.

I am a sleeper on the bus. I usually put my head forward and stay put that way all the way to Downtown. On the way home, I usually lean back on my fleece scarf if I have the front seat, or sideway on the seat with back support. Either way, my neck wasn’t happy about the strain.

Comfort Creature Travel Buddy Pillow may be for kids, but I really don’t care when it’s this comfy. It has machine-washable soft fleece cover and stuffed with buckwheat hulls. The two “horns” fit perfectly on my shoulder so I can rest my head against the window just right. I can also lean back on a lower seat with the “horns” behind my neck and lean again it backward so I don’t chicken-neck around.

My neck is pain-free. And I must say, I have never slept so well on my bus.However, with the addition of this lovely pillow, my already stuffed commuter bag is really, REALLY full. The bag has been a little too heavy to heft around for a while now because of the emergency bottle of water. But along with my neck, my shoulder is beginning to hurt as well.

Ah, the joy of aging. But I digress.

I am now in search for a bag with wheels that are not obviously for a kid (like the Hello Kitty one I found yesterday at Target) or the usual corporate black. There was a lady in my building who wheeled in a lovely red bag. I complimented her on it, and she told me it was Kate Spade…or something fancy like that.

I so don’t have the money for that. LOL. But I hope I can find one reasonably priced one somewhere. Appreciate any lead, by the way. 😉

ETA: The Commuter Gods REALLY love me!  I scored on the first online search and just bought this with zero shipping and super cheap on Overstock. And yes, I bought the lovely red one.

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