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I have gone to private Catholic school all my life, so it wasn’t a surprise to find that both of my best friends on both sides of the world are Catholic.  Nora is here, and Joy is back home.

Joy has always said that I should’ve been her mom’s daughter too.  Both of us are too “westernized” for our times. Both of us prefer to express ourselves in English most times.  Both of us also like to write.

Joy and Mary/Mommy–as I call Joy’s mom–contacted me a few months back about getting Mommy’s English translation of her original Thai edition book of prayers published in the U.S.  After much research and pondering, Mommy decided to do a blog instead.  And I set her up with one on Blogger.

The blog is full of Mary’s daily thoughts and prayers.  Some from her book and some straight from her heart.  You don’t have to be Catholic or Christian to enjoy her work.  So, please stop by to say hello to this amazing woman over at Mary’s Little Prayers.

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