Bits of (Olym)’Pics

I am sad to inform you that my cousin May and her partner Eva lost to the Singaporean team. Eva also lost women’s single earlier, so the US Badminton girls are all out of the running.

ETA: USA Network is now re-broadcasting May’s match with commentators. Of course, I was waiting to hear how badly they would butcher May’s long last name, Mangkalakiri. That’s pronounced Mang-ka-la-kee-ree, folks.

But the commentator went crazy there with. Mang-gala-CARRY.

Carry? Really?  How did the “I” become “A”?

The former USA Badminton president is the one going with the safe way, having known May, calling her May instead of trying the last name.

I am also sad to inform you that Thailand’s golden badminton girl also lost her match against China. It was expected that China would mow her over, but she actually won the first match and gave that lady the run for her money before losing.

Also in the news, the two hopes of Thai female weightlifters were quickly squashed. Not to mention that while one of them was competing in Beijing, her apartment in Thailand was gutted, killing her two dogs. Talk about a tough day!

Brandon and I watched the Korean swimmer kid redeemed himself from having disqualified as a 14-year-old. Remember the kid that fell in before the start? Yep, he’s not only back, but won the first ever swimming medal for South Korea. And it’s a gold. I was screaming for that kid.

More fun than watching Michael Phelps actually competing was watching his reaction during his first medal ceremony. The U.S. national anthem came on missing a few notes. At the end of the first verse, there was an awkward skip and it started over again. Brandon thought I was losing my mind, but I was singing along in my head there. I KNEW there was an extra verse in there. That little glitch didn’t register on Phelps’ face.

However, as we approached “o’er the land of the free”, the music suddenly was cut off. The camera was up close on Phelps. One second after that, he burst into laughter, along with the crowd–President Bush and the family included.

That, my friend, was an awesome Olympic moment. He sure as hell is not going to mix that one up with all the other medals he could be winning in this game.

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