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*Warning: Gross Girly Girl Content*  Out of respect for my manly man readers, ladies, please highlight the following content to continue.  We’re discussing navigation of the crimson waves here, fellas.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

So, ladies. Ready to give me some girly advice?

I’ve just switched up my Pills for the past two months.  The side effects so far have been minor weight gain and, to my husband’s rejoice, a little bit of boobage.  Also to Brandon’s rejoice, the mood swing is gone.However, the cramps have gotten worse.

It used to be a mild pain, enough to let you know it’s there and be irritable about it, even before the Pills.  An Aleve would have taken care of it.  It’ll go on the day before and be done within 36 hours.

But now, it’s a hard hitting come-and-go squeezes that, while not completely dehabilitating like some of my friends have, it was a lot more than I was used to.  If contractions are 10 times worse than the pulses I’ve been getting, I’m seriously happy I’m not planning on having kids.  Last month, the pain came and went within 12 hours.  So far, it’s been 24 and hasn’t gotten all that much better.

Oh, and I never crave chocolate like this before.  I held out the best that I can before giving in yesterday and had me some chocolate ice cream.

Brandon said that he is willing to do anything to help me with the pain and to get the chocolate as long as the mood swing stays away.  As much of an inconvenience and, well, how fucking hurts it is, I actually have to agree.  The mood swing afflicts both of us while the cramps only affects me.  It’s better for everyone involved.

So, this morning I’m armed with 2 Aleves, a ThermaCare heating my belly, and grande soy green tea latte.  I know it’s a little late to throw in the soy PMS therapy, but it feels/tastes good.  It’s down to the nagging bit, but that makes me question what it would have been without the 2 Aleves.

Is it really going to be worth it, trading this for a mood swing? I really don’t want to lose the mood-swing free…nor the boobs. LOL.

What’s your strategies to deal with your cramps?


  1. Amy   •  

    OK. Well. Off the pill, as I have been since Chris and I broke up–well my cramps are debilitating. like My entire lower body is in excruciating pain.

    and nothing short of 3 vicodins helps it.

    So I don’t know what to tell you my friend other than, It Could Be Worse.

  2. Nan   •  

    I would go back to your doc and ask to try another type of pills. There’s gotta be one other there that’ll help with mood swings while keeping the cramps away.

    When cramps are bad, try taking motrin. Three of them every 8 hours did the trick for me after both c-sections.

    Hope you feel better!

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