Phototastic Friday: What to come

My most impulsive purchase of the year and my first ever full-made costume purchase finally arrived.

Also, probably the most unique wedding present ever bought.

I bought the costume set for my friend.  The groom is a Star Wars fan and the bride is a quite a knock-out.  Somehow, they never thought of dressing her in this.  And I thought of it for them.

A geeky good friend I am!

While at it, I bought me one.  Just in case somebody would invite us to a Halloween party this year, I would have something sexy to wear for a change.  Because, you know, Jedi wasn’t exactly a sexy outfit.

Funny enough, James and Aurora are dressing up Dresden for his first Halloween as Yoda.  At least I’ll be in on their theme!  (Tried to convince Brandon he should be Han Solo, but he didn’t want that.  Instead, he’s been growing his beard out so we’re going to make him Wolverine.)

I also think I’m going to do Thrill The World in this outfit.  A Leia Zombie.  I mean, I might as well maximize the money I spent, right?

James and Aurora came up with a great alternate universe back story for me.  Leia’s attempt to strangle Jabba the Hutt failed and instead he/his cronies strangle her instead!  The other two of my ideas were either that Luke missed the landing and Leia ended up eaten by the sand monster, or Leia showed up on Hoth in this outfit and died of hypothermia.

What’s your vote?  Or do you have an even better idea for a back story?

Now about this lovely gitup.  We will have to do some work on it after all.

I am so extremely grateful that the bottom part is not a thong but booty shorts.  Hooray!  The accessories are all different: they are all silicon rubber, and there is not chain attached to the collar.  The arm band looks a little funny being all rubbery like.

I must admit that the bra part is nothing like the picture.  AND for a small, the bra is fucking HUGE!  I mean, out of proportion to the booty shorts/skirt bottom.  What kind of a body image do these people have?  Sure, I could’ve gone with XS, but I was afraid my booty wouldn’t fit in them booty shorts…which I would’ve been right.

And the best thing about the bra top?  Velcro, baby.  Velcro and halter strings.  On Halloween?

A man must have concocted the assembly of this.  Yeah, let’s put the Velcro on the bra top.  Riiiight!

Brandon and I agreed that I might have to drop a few more bucks in a hunt for a substitute bikini top, farm the silicon rubber adornment off the original and sew/glue that onto it.  Because right now, my top doesn’t look anything like the picture.  It looks more like a faux camouflage granny bra from somebody twice my size with three times the boobs.

I also have to do something to fix the arm band part so it actually stays stiff instead of flopping around, or buy a real one and paint it gold.  Ditto the hair accessories.  The way they are now, I look like a rooster with floppy comb.  And I will need to find me some chains for the collar.

Work to do.  Work to do.

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