You Talk Pretty

A Much Loved Coworker was showing a visitor our office when she stopped by Nhien’s office to look out the window.  It was one of those days when LA was gloomy and hazy.

MLC told the visitor, “Usually, Nhien has the best view here. But today it’s kind of skanky out.”

We all nodded.

“Wait. MLC, did you just say the weather is skanky?”

“Yeah. It’s all icky out there.  Why?”

“Sweetie, I don’t think skanky means what you think it means any more these days.”

“It’s not?”


MLC and another coworker dude huddled at my cubicle to vent.  We were talking about people who were coming to this meeting the two were setting up.  The dude talked about this one guy being all snobbish about bringing his meeting materials (or something like that).

MLC said, “Oh, Mister Hoohah can bring his own stuff.”

The token dude looked at me, turned red, and laughed.

“You just called him Mister Hoohah…”

“Yeah, Hoohah Doodah Big Kahuna guy.”

“MLC, nowaday hoohah means…you know…” I gestured.

“Mean what? He’s low?”

“No!  It means the…” I guestured again.

MLC was lost.  The dude tried to stifle his laughs.

“You know, the hoohah. The girlie part.  The vajayjay.”

The dude, turning a little purple now, covered his mouth and walked away.



I helped MLC on prettying up a presentation, a tweak here and there.  She sent me a little email in thanks.

“You’re such a great little tweaker!  Thanks for your help.”

Of course, as the pop cultural attache, I must continue to educate.

“But I’m not a meth addict.  And you’re welcome.”


“You don’t know what a tweaker is, do you?”

“Good God.  Am I using the wrong word again?”

“Not intentionally, no.”


  1. Olaina   •  

    This is hilarious and well written.

    And especially funny because of the commonly known Oak-isms. 🙂 At least you have your slang down! LOL

  2. Chris Cactus   •  

    Amazing how meanings change over time, isn’t it?

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