Couch potato

We got us a MSI Wind Notebook.

Now I have a laptop to blog and work on stuff on from the couch.

I know it sounds like I’m never going to leave the couch again, but actually I can get more done with a computer in front of the TV.  I never quite realize how much time I’ve spent JUST watching all of my shows.

But now, I can blog, do bills, check email and do all sorts of stuff at the same time.

Hooray for little miracle!

And lucky for you, it seems that I’m back on the blogging circuit again after quite a while of silence.  We might just be disappearing again for a bit because of the Big Gala.  So far, the worst part is over overall.  But MY worst part is next weekend, my birthday weekend, which I will spend some of it working.

Oh yes, my darlings. I will be working on my birthday weekend.  Depending on how much work I can finish by Saturday, I might have to work on my birthday too.

However, an informal after party is being discussed after the Big Gala on Monday.  There might just be enough shenanigan to make up for lost times over the weekend.

A few days after that, we’re off to Thailand.

What a way to turn 32, eh?


  1. Amy @ The Q Family   •  

    Not fun to work on your birthday but at the same time you can look forward to your time in Thailand.. Oh.. I’m so jealous. We didn’t get to go back this year and with the economy and 4 tickets.. I don’t know if we can do it next year either. Can’t wait to hear about your time in Thailand.

  2. Mike   •  

    Sweet. We thought about getting a wind, but when we were needing a new laptop, they weren’t really widely available yet. XP or Ubuntu?

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