Days gone by

Because of the timing of my Big Gala–and my self-inflicted funness that was Thrill the World–my time is running out before I head home for vacation.  I have to miss a few of my usual traditions around this time of year because I just don’t have the time or the right frame of mind for it.

Office Thanksgiving Potluck.  Our biggest potluck of the year.  I’m cramming the Big Gala in with my vacation, plus all of the other office holiday stuff I had to get ready before I leave,  it was just impossible.

Operation Jingle All the Way.  Usually I start campaigning for donation of supplies, books, and monetary contribution for postage by the first of November, and have everything mailed out to the troops by my birthday.  Obviously, that did not happen this year.

Thanksgiving.  Then again, I’d take the weekend on the beach of Phuket over Lord of the Rings marathon on the couch.  Black Friday I will not miss either as I will hook myself up to the internet and buy, buy, BUY!

Loy Kratong.  Full moon tomorrow night.  Well, I might still do it.  I’m sure I can whip up a kratong tonight while waiting on the laundry.

My own birthday. I’m trying my darnest not to miss out on that. Hopefully, I can get everything done for the Big Gala on Saturday and leaving Sunday free.  I’m planning on a dinner with my friends though.  There will be no drinking, but I’m planning on doing plenty of that after the Big Gala is over.  Muwahahaha.

Where has this year GONE?!?

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  1. Olaina   •  

    I wasn’t going to let you miss your birthday! Though I was wondering how we’d handle the gala overlap…. good thinking on your part, as usual. 🙂

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