Phototastic Friday: 2008 in pictures

The 12 pictures of 2008.

12 pictures of 2008

Also, to keep up with the tradition started last year, here is my First Sentences of 2008 summary.

It was unnecessarily showy for an easy touch down.  So, someone wants to buy from me.  BBC reports about a possible link that excessive Vitamin E intake may increase risk of lung cancer.  My car is now in the shop.  I KNEW it was too good to be true when Athena started to hang out with us, when she comes running to me when she hears the jangles of the keys, when she sits purring on our floor begging us to rub her belly and every elsewhere on her fluffy black coat with a twinge of orange tabby pattern. We’re once again on death watch as Brandon’s grandfather who has Alzheimer is hospitalized.  My eyes are half opened but I want to post this before I go to bed. Hey, it’s STILL Friday! On Saturday, two major events for me that set the happy tone for the rest of the long weekend. Two things I love most about October: Halloween and beer. I turn 32 on the day Southern California is on fire and Bangkok is flooded. So, the PAD is leaving the airports.


  1. lillian   •  

    upps I haven’t done my first sentence yet! thanx for reminding me haha

  2. Amy @ The Q Family   •  

    That’s so neat.. Love the collage of picture of 2008. I should have done that too but I still can’t shake the laziness that took over me since the winter break. 🙂

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