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Hi there.

I haven’t been home in the evening since Monday. And the trend is not stopping.  Sorry for the pauses in posting.

Monday night I was at Face2Face: Elton John and Billy Joel concert.  I treated James, my fellow piano man, to this as his belated birthday and early Christmas presents.  We enjoyed ourselves tremendously.  Billy Joel rocked my socks off and Elton John wowed me silly.  I got a few horrible cell phone video clips I’ll post later.

Yesterday, our former colleague Erin returned to the office to temp for a week while she’s on break from school.  I talked her into joining me for dinner with my social media friend Jeff (@jeff419) at Shiki (Dear GOD the sashimi plates were HUGE!), and then to learn about social media and branding at the Social Media Club LA event.  We had a great time with Jeff and at the SMCLA.  Much fun to watch the debate between the traditional branding ideas and the new social media way of thinking.

Seriously, I thought we were going to have a full out cage match out there at some point with between Rob Frankel (@brandingexpert) the Branding Expert and Babette Pepaj of BakeSpace (@bakespace).  Good points from both side though.  Read all about #smcla here.

Tonight, I have yoga.

Tomorrow, Brandon and I had something to do.

Friday, it’s Tweet Up Long Beach at Roscoe’s.  (At least the whole day is being taken off for various medical appointment.)

Saturday, more appointment and a birthday party.

Yeah. I’m busy.

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  1. Babette   •  

    Hi Oakmonster! Thanks for making it out to last night’s event. Your comment about a “cage fight” is pretty funny.. 🙂 Good times.. I wish I could have seen the tweets from my end of the table.. would have been cool to read feedback live and commented on them. If you have a question about anything not covered, let me know. You know where to find me.

    P.s. I love that your biggest tags are “life, family, food, friends and hobbies” here.. sounds like you have your priorities straight.

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