Bunny Resolution

I’m bitter. You can ask me why.

A disappointment of a major scale has occurred. It was like passing out before giving birth to a baby, missing out on the glorious moment you’ve been waiting for for months.  It’s really, really hard to get over.

So I’ve been cranky around the office, stressed out around the house, and overall one angry and bitter ray of outward sunshine to everyone.

My attempt to release stress at my yoga class was also squelched.

It seems I have twisted my left hand on Tuesday.  I couldn’t put my weight on it and it was swollen between my middle and pointing fingers.  Since I can’t put weight on the hand, out goes doing many of the poses in yoga class and therefore no yoga–no stress relief I needed.

My routine has been thrown off balance just as I was settling in to a new life rhythm.  Life being off kilter like that triggers my instinct to hide. Laundry piles up. Paperworks clutter my desk. Blogs go unattended.

I hate it when I do that.  I hate it when I clearly am not myself. I hate it when I see it in Brandon’s eyes that he wasn’t happy about it either.

I am determined to snap out of the whole funk. Yes, sir.

I started the other night by writing an entry for Thai-Blogs.com.  It wasn’t much, but I did something. And I am working on this blog today.

I am resolved to not let the [fucking] Spreadsheet defeats my spirit.

The pink bunny ears I’m wearing today will give me super power.

It will.

I know it.

P.S. Oh, and Happy Easter to all.

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