I can haz!

Tuesday marked my first week anniversary for being a metal mouth.  And I ated a cheeseburger.

Oh yeah, I have a new blog set up for just that at Brace Face Chronicles.

Someone questioned if I should need another blog.

I would answer with one of these. Because I can just have one concentrated area to bitch and moan all about my inability to eat or the pain the braces hath brought.  Because I can share the experience with other adults who are now getting their braces…or like me, getting them again for a second time.


At a recent gathering, someone asked why I got braces.

“You didn’t really need it, did you?” “I didn’t see anything wrong with your teeth before?”

Then I launched into the reasons why…which I won’t do again when you can just read it here.


I am almost through with the Italy part of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love. Thoroughly inspired, I found me some weekend Italian lessons in Irvine with Fondazione Italia.

And I will be taking those classes in the fall.

When I told someone that I wanted an Italian lesson, they’d look at me, puzzled.

“Why?” “What for?” “Why not Spanish?”

I would answer with one of these. I LOVE the food. I PLAN on going to spend a lot of time in Italy someday. AND learn to cook while I’m at it. I love the way the language sound. I love the way the people speak it. I love the Italian way of looking at life and how they live it.


My recent choices seem to bring up a lot of questions from others and I found myself finding an answer that would make sense to them.

And then I realize I don’t have to justify anything to anyone.

I’m getting braces because I can.

I’m writing about my experience because I can.

I’m taking Italian lessons because I can.

Because I can.

With that phrase, I can haz anything.

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