When Harry Meets Oakley

PRAY to the gods that my copy of Harry Potter would be here on Monday.

We have so many books in our reading line up right now, including my never ending attempt at reading Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell (Yes. I’m still gnawing at this one!), but I’ll wait for Harry.

Brandon discovered his new favorite in Barb & J.C. Hendee’s series about Magiere, the half human half vampire, vampire slayer. A mix of Buffy and Blade taking place in Middle Earth sort of thing. And we just bought the latest 2 books in Jim Butcher’s Wizard Harry Dresden series: Blood Rites, and the first hardback Dead Beat. Dresden is a wizard and preternatural detective who keeps getting his butt kicked long before he could turn around and beat the bad guys.

Although, I’m a little pissed at Amazon for not delivering the book on time. I could’ve gotten one at Barnes & Noble today instead of waiting until Monday for it. I asked VERY nicely with whipped cream and cherries on top for Brandon to run to the post office on Monday/Tuesday if by some miracle of God he gets home before 5 and finds that little pink pick up slip in the mailbox.For Goblet of Fire, I pre-ordered it through B&N to have it delivered to work. The book was to be released at midnight on Friday which meant that I wouldn’t get to read it until Monday. But I didn’t want to risk a chance of someone snaking my copy from my dingy apartment mailbox.

Friday around 3:30 p.m., screaming something in joyous gibberish, I ran through the office, holding up over my head the Holy Grail, Goblet of Fire — several hours before anyone else could get theirs!

No such luck with Order of Phoenix, nor Halfblood Prince. That’s too damn bad.


  1. Amazing Amy   •  

    My amazon copy arrived Saturday. 🙂 I’m done with it already. WOW. That’s all I’m gonna say.

  2. MOM   •  

    I’ve heard it’s really excellent and the best ever! I’ve also heard tidbits, but am not going to spill the beans!!!! Enjoy… over 17 millon copies sold over the weekend.
    See you Friday!! Can’t wait!!!

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