We meet again, Potter

I finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I am starting on Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix because all the references this one made to it, I barely remember.

The following section will be written in “Invisible Ink” for your protection as I will discuss my thoughts about Half-Blood Prince which obviously contains TONS AND TONS OF SPOILERS!! Use your mouse to highlight the section if you wish to read on. And oh yes, profanity abounds. Watch out, kiddies.


Oh, sorry. I meant, I LOVE the book. The best one yet! So much fun to read. I spent a few hours each day for a week reading it, so I did savor the flavor quite a bit.

But man, that SNAPE!!!!

Does it bothered anyone that no one, not even Hermione, would make the assumption that the “Half Blood Prince” could be Voldermort? After all, we keep revisiting his half blood history. Other suspicious things would be those weird spells and jinxes, and the fact that Voldermort was once Slughorn’s student. And no one would come to a conclusion that it could possibly be Voldermort’s book? I find that hard to believe.

But hey. A lot of things in this one are hard to believe.

I can’t believe Dumbledore is dead. I mean, I kind of suspected it originally when he turns up with one dead arm. I was thinking that arm is a part of something that was slowly killing him or something.

Then again, you know how Dumbledore was talking about “faking the death” of Malfoy. He could’ve been faking his death just then too. You know, he plotted it out with Snape, and planted the clone thing, Mad Eye Moody style, on the grounds with the fake Horcrux. After all, NOBODY saw Dumbledore hit the ground. Right? Right? He’s faking his death so he could go around and get to the rest of the Horcruxes. Out of sight!

What about the green potion he drank? I think Snape planted that too. I mean, why else would Dumbledore only ask for Snape, and trusting him with his life? If I’m going with that plot line, so yeah Snape would be well hated and gained more trus with Voldermort, and therefore better access to all the secrets and things.

Wishful thinking? Well, we’ll find out when the next book comes out if I’m right or not. I don’t think Rowling would totally kill of such character without having something planned. Well, there will always be Dumbledore in the portrait in his office.

Now, Harry and Ginny. Anyone else feel a little odd about that? I guess I’ve always seen Harry as a part of Ron’s family and Ginny the baby sister. How in the hell could he even think to love her any other way?? Then again, that happens in real world all the time. I am kind of happy they went out. They are right for each other. But originally, when Harry starts “fantasizing” about her, that freaks me the hell out! I winced still at their first kiss. But since they weren’t “nogging” all the time like Ron and Lavender, thank god, I didn’t have problems with Harry and Ginny after that so much.

And man, I WISH Hermione and Ron would just get it over with between them! Then again, I guess it’s necessary to keep that little sexual tension between them for the next few books.

Ew. Sexual tension. It creeps me out when anyone of these kids doing anything like that. I guess I’ve watched them grow all these times and now that they’re all grown up and stuff, it’s weird watching them kissing and having sexual thoughts. Double EWWW! Oh well. They’re all going to be 18 soon. I’d better get used to it.

Yep. Love the book. Love. Love. Love. Love. LOVE!

That Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell book will have to wait some more. Heh.

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  1. Rude Cactus   •  

    I loved the book too…I wasn’t exactly shocked but I still think there must be a good reason Dumbledore trusted him so much!

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