April’s Sh*t Storm

The King Never Smiles by Paul M. Handley is coming out on April 16. It is a look at Thailand’s beloved King Bhumibhol in a way that no Thais would ever do: telling the story of a King as a person not a demi-god we make him to be.

This summer marks the King’s 60th year on the throne, making him the longest reigning monarch in the world.

The release date of this book in April is purely coincidental my ass, Yale! I don’t really object your coming out with a book, but can you show any less respect for the man?

Yeah. And you wonder why most of the world hates Americans.

Anyhoo. Folks in Thailand have already caught wind of this, and this very website is currently blocked by Thai police. No one can access it from the kingdom. I have news for you, Thai folks. How about using Amazon.com? 😉

Expect some kind of shit storm from the country of Siam over this book next month, people. Not that we have enough troubles on our hand with our fucked up political climate at the moment.

Having grown up in Bangkok where royal gossips fly around almost at a level of Hollywoood celebrity gossip but in a very strict definition of gossip: only in word of mouth. Nothing written, of course, or you’ll find yourself up to your neck of up to in 14 years of prison love. We all have heard something about the royal family at some point. The King has so far been the only one out of the gossip circle. Well, him and the much beloved Crown Princess Sirindhorn.

Are they all true? May be a little bit true? We don’t know. Probably would never be able to confirm otherwise unless your source is super good.

With all due respect to my King, whose DNA I also share, I do want to see what other people have to say about him. Whatever information this Yale guy has or wherever he has dug it from. I hope my interest in this book isn’t considered a betrayal against my country and my very own bloodline.

But you know, the truth is, as always, out there.


  1. lillian   •  

    You are right.. I can’t get on that webpage.. The thing is, by forbidding it, it makes people want to read the book all the more. The guy will get rich…..

  2. mikenan   •  

    Wow! I didn’t know about this book. Thanks for sharing =) And I loved reading about your lineage on your Thai-blog.

    How’s your mom?


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